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Volleyball :iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 5 0 Cat pls :iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 0 0 Not Good Enough :iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 7 0 England and Sealand :iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 8 0 Super Nuko Ni Naritai (I Want to be a Super Cat) :iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 3 1 Chibi Kageyama Tobio :iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 13 3 Chibi Len Kagamine :iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 8 4 APH - Finland :iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 8 0 Chibi Ene :iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 0 0 Sakura Chiyo :iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 3 0 I want a cat :iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 2 0 When you want to draw but lack ideas :iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 8 6
Perfect Valentines Date - Kuroko x Reader [2/2]
~Valentines Day~
The awaited day is now here and you were most excited. Even though you weren’t able to get a reservation, Kuroko reassured you that he planned something special and better for today.
Springing up from the bed, you went and prepared yourself. Since Kuroko didn’t want to interrupt you getting ready, he headed out first.
Kuroko didn’t say anything yet to what he has planned, but he said he’ll just call you and tell you where you’ll be headed to.
After preparing yourself, you waited.
After sometime, it was almost time for the sun to set and in that moment, your phone began to ring. “Hello (first name), sorry for making you wait, but please go to the park close by here”, he vaguely told through the phone before hanging up. You stared at your phone in a confused way but just headed to the said park with your coat on.
As you were walking, you got amazed by the setting sun. In this park you can fully see the sun set since it
:iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 24 2
Perfect Valentines Date - Kuroko x Reader [1/2]
Your hums were heard throughout the room as your head was bobbing to the music you were listening to via your earphones. Turning pages on a magazine catalog. Today’s magazine theme is all about: Valentines, of course you’ll be interested in such a topic since it gives you wonderful ideas for a date with your lovely boyfriend. And right now you were staying at the room you and your lover’s room inside the apartment you both share.
Then, something caught your interest, raising a brow. You jolted up from the bed you were lying on, alarming your boyfriend who was studying. You quickly showed him your magazine which read “The Perfect Restaurant for a Valentines Date” on it with pictures of a very fancy looking interior of a restaurant. “Let’s go here! Please!?”, you asked in plea. Your boyfriend looked at it more closely but then continued with his studies.
“Aw come on Tetsu~ Pretty please with cherry on top?”, you gave him
:iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 22 0
Midnight Celebrations - Kuroko Tetsuya x Reader
The expressionless male walked silently home. Loneliness filled him, but he successfully hid it. Usually you, his girlfriend would be hand-in-hand with him, sharing occasional pecks on the cheeks as you both make your way to your house and kiss each other goodbye. But unfortunately, you declined his offer since she was busy, but reassured the boy that she’ll surely make it up to him the next day.
It’s not a mystery to Kuroko that his very own birthday was tomorrow so he thought that maybe you just needed to buy a last minute gift for him or something. He didn't mind nonetheless of what you give to him, he’ll love it with all his heart like how he treats you.
Finally reaching his home, he sighed . He missed the way your warm hand would complete the emptiness of his hand.
His hand made it’s way to turn the doorknob. ‘No one’s home’ he thought, he knew his parents were out at the moment. They were too busy to even spend time with their son who
:iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 47 3
Hot Cocoa - Haruka Nanase x Reader
You sighed in satisfaction. Your mug filled with hot cocoa made a thumping sound after you placed it on the table before you.
At the moment, you were inside your boyfriend’s house for studying and doing homework. He invited you for a study session and served you his delicious hot cocoa.
“This tastes really amazing!”, you complimented the drink, smiling widely at Haruka. “I love how it’s melted so well, I really love having Haru’s hot cocoa” continuing your admiration to both him and his skills with handling the drink.
The stoic boy knew how much you adore hot cocoa so he made you one while he just drank water instead. When he heard you humming in satisfaction, his lips curved upward unnoticeably at how cutely you acted when you’re cheerful.
He kept his focus on the homework he was working on while you kept on telling him about your love for the drink he made. “Man I wish I can make something as good at this” you commented. You
:iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 76 3


Kiss Me Intimately [Sugawara Koushi]
It started off as a gentle summer breeze caressing silky locks, but soon it escalated into a midwinter avalanche cascading down her shivering form.
He couldn’t restrain himself; His lips had a will of their own. What had begun as a soft, tender, almost shy caress against her lips turned into a volcano of emotions erupting with every stolen breath between kisses.
She had brushed a thumb against his cheek, trailing the small birthmark underneath his eye. The sole touch had sent electric jolts down his spine and he had instinctively wrapped his arms around her body.
They had frozen in place, staring into each other’s eyes for an indefinite amount of time before he finally leaned in and placed the most imperceptible of pecks on her lips.
Heat had exploded against his lips, sending his head spinning. There was no way he’d be satisfied with only a chaste kiss. Her parted lips invited him to a secret dance of seduction; promised him to fulfill his most lustful desires.
So he
:iconselvatic:Selvatic 93 20
hug. | akashi seijuro [adult!au]
hug. | adult!akashi seijuro x adult!gn!reader
Akashi Seijuro had been overworking himself lately. It wasn't hard to tell; anyone with eyes could see the dark circles under his eyes, and the paleness of his face. Seijuro had been working his fingers to the bones, and yet, nothing he accomplished was ever good enough in the eyes of the head of the company, his father.
It was clear to Seijuro that he would never attain the definition of perfect the older Akashi had, and that greatly distraught him. Seijuro wanted to be acknowledged for his achievements, as his own man, he doesn’t want to be known as someone who rode his parent’s coattails to get to where he is today. Yet, every time he submitted his work, his father would just shake his head, and look away.
It just displeases him, knowing his co-workers were talking about him behind his back. “He’s not as good as his old man,” they said. “Stop comparing me to him,” he wanted t
:iconabsolute-emperor:Absolute-Emperor 453 104
Queen [Akashi Seijuro]
What do you even get someone who can afford anything you can buy? You sighed. Seriously, dating someone as rich as Seijuro can be really hard, like, it's always, always hard to get something for him for his birthday.
"Ugh, why did you have to be so rich?" you mumbled. You had resorted to handmade presents the past two years, but you wanted something else this year. Racking your brains for whatever might be a good present, you stared off into space.
Then an idea struck you... A very shallow and stupid idea. But who cares? YOLO.
And besides, Seijuro actually wasn't so hard to please (as opposed to what most people think). He appreciates even just the simplest things. That guy is seriously too perfect for his own good. And knowing Seijuro, you were sure he was going to like your present just fine...
Your love... And yourself... You planned to give yourself to him for his birthday. (Figuratively, please... Don't even think about anything else...)
:iconsummon09:summon09 124 63
Akashi xReader (After the Fact) I
Continued from: Cheater!Aomine xReader
Four months had passed. Four long and hard months. The first few days were the hardest. You had to plan around Aomine’s schedule to actually go back to his flat and retrieve the rest of your things. Thankfully, Akashi had been very...supportive?
Perhaps that wasn't the right word. To you he seemed almost abnormally eager to assist you. Whenever you voiced your concerns about returning to the apartment he was reassuring you of his “absolute protection”. When you broke down at Aomine’s flat after seeing a bunch of new items and furniture moved in -specifically those that would belong to a woman- it seemed to hammer home just how little Daiki had cared for your relationship with him.
Yet Akashi had been quick to offer a sting shoulder to cry on. It was embarrassing and you apologized profusely, mentally berating yourself for being so clingy and fragile. But Akashi would merely pat your head, call you silly, and assure
:iconmechamoonstone:MechaMoonStone 45 8
Cheater!Aomine xReader (Aftermath) 2
You could do nothing to hold back your laughter as Akashi faced you with a flat expression after making such a statement. You ran your fingers through your tangled strands of hair and yawned.
"You guys are the best..." You chuckled quietly.
You suddenly felt Atsushi's large hands envelop your waist and yelped as the violet-haired giant pulled you into his lap again, Kise taking his place on the couch and Akashi standing in front of us all whilst radiating an air of supremacy.
"Given the crime Aomine has committed a fitting punishment is necessary. I would personally like to pay him a visit and enact my own form of punishment," Akashi glanced at the red-handled scissors sticking out of his bag, "However, his victim should at least have the first day in the matter. Any objections?"
Ryouta and Atsushi both shook their heads and you giggled despite everything.
It was impossible not to given how seriously Akashi was addressing the matter. Not to mention the fact that he acted like he was ju
:iconmechamoonstone:MechaMoonStone 246 75
Cheater!Aomine xReader (Aftermath)
You leaned against the doorway and stared. Just stared. There were clothes littering the floor and at least half of it didn't belong to you or Aomine.
You could hear the rapid creaking of the bed suddenly stop as a feminine scream pierced your ears.
A tightness wound itself in your chest and you silently walked forward until you stood just outside the door.
"What about your fiancé baby?" A high lusty giggle panted out.
"What about her? She's convenient that's all. Always riding my ass, boring and way too shy to top it off."
Your heart clenched and tears welled in your eyes.
"Then why marry her?"
"I just told you. Convenience. She's dedicated to me so why not. She travels way too much to notice anyway." He grunted.
You felt your blood run hot and with adrenaline coursing through your system, you kicked the door in, knocking it off the first hinge entirely.
Aomine and his bitch sat up in shock to see your quivering form.
"Do me (NAME) again. You traitoro
:iconmechamoonstone:MechaMoonStone 391 92
kisses|| owari no seraph various

Crowley Eusford

You gulped as Crowley stood in front of you with his signature calm smile. He hummed, seemingly alright with what Ferid had asked him to do.
'A kiss, hm?' he repeated, stepping towards you. 'Sure. I don't mind giving you one.' As his fingers gently grasped your chin and pulled your face towards his, you hurriedly stopped him by holding his arm. He faltered, and looked at you questioningly. 'What's wrong?'
'Y-you're seriously okay with th-this?' you asked, stuttering. Crowley stared into your red hues, and was able to detect a hint of nervousness in them. He smiled again.
'If you want, I can kiss you on the cheek instead,' he suggested, carefully wrapping his other arm behind your back. You hesitated, before nodding "okay", and closed your eyes. Leaning towards you, he was about to place his lips on your cheek when you suddenly turned your head away.
Your eyes flickered back to him, panicking.
:iconvocaloidlenkarinto:VocaloidLenkaRinto 96 17
[Mikaela Hyakuya x reader] My Own Will
“Miii~ka-chan~” You sang as you turned a corner seeing a panting male who was clutching his chest.
“Eh? Didn’t you drink Krul-chan’s blood before we got here?” You asked Mika, who in return just glared at you. Sighing you loosened your collar a bit and went near him.
“If you don’t want to suck from a human then you can drink mine.” You offered and tilted your head to give him access.
“I don’t need it.” The blond finally spoke and clutched his chest tighter, signaling that he was having more trouble in breathing and his desire for blood was getting stronger. You just smiled at him knowing how stubborn he could be.
“I can’t have you dying here or Krul-chan will freak out… so I’ll have to force you and besides I think of you as one of my family now.”
You dug your nail on your neck making sure blood would flow out.
“Drink as many as you like.”
“Tsk… Don’t ask
:iconsetsucchi:Setsucchi 125 7
compassion. | mikaela hyakuya
compassion ;
(n.) - sympathetic pity and concern for the
sufferings or misfortunes of others.
Mikaela was mostly raised by vampires – everywhere, he saw vampires around him as a little child and feared them for his life and always stood in the corner, hoping that he wouldn’t get caught. That’s what he was like before. Mikaela was just a meek boy with no strength or courage. He wasn’t like Yuu – Yuu was so much more stronger and braver than he ever was. The blond somewhat envied Yuu back then, but he admired him more than he envied him – he admired his determination, his ambition, and his great amount of self-confidence.
But Mikaela was one of them now. He was a vampire himself – well, technically, he wasn’t fully a vampire yet – but he was no longer human, that much he can tell. Mikaela was far stronger than he was before. Much more hostile, cold, and bitter. He was completely different from who he was before.
With tha
:iconshoujodere:shoujodere 159 12
[ Mika Hyakuya x Vampire!Reader ] Jelousy

you have the right to be friends with whoever you want...

[name] stared at the blonde vampire deeply and let out a sigh. "Are you still going to ignore me?" she asked, twirling her strands around her index finger.
Mika didn't respond, just continued to stare out his window. His hand was clutched into a fist, and his eyes were slightly slanted into a glare. The female vampire stood there for a few more minutes before letting out a deeper sigh and turning away, making her way towards the bright porcelain door.
"Forget it, i don't know why your doing this but its getting annoying." she replied quietly, looking down sadly.
Mika shifted a bit, and you could easily tell by his face he regretted ignoring her. "...but I'm just gonna leave. Maybe I can find Lacus, who actually gives a damn about me--"
Just as she said that, mika forcefully pulled her back into him as he held her tightly.
"I do care about you..." h
:iconsin-cchi:Sin-cchi 14 0
Her first drink (Mika x reader)
WARNING: Blood, dizziness, tears
A girl stumbled in the dark as she tried in vein to make her way home. She felt dizziness and thirst overwhelm her as she leaned against the cold stone wall for support. She fell, her knees finally giving out as she leaned heavily with her back against the wall. Hesitantly, she glided over her teeth with her tongue, feeling the two sharper teeth in the front. She cursed. She hated this. She hated this city, and she hated what she had become. She couldn't really blame the person who did this to her though, she had been turned in an attempt to save her life. Although admittedly, sometimes she wondered if death was better than living like this. She was in a constant state of weakness. She was either dizzy, or tired, or in pain. This came of course, from refusing blood. She had tried to eat human food, but it disgusted her now. It only made the sickening feeling of wanting blood rise within her. She had never drank blood before, vampire or human, and she di
:iconfilllyreports:Filllyreports 19 4
how i miss you. | tsukishima kei
You go abroad for a six-week internship and Tsukishima doesn’t know how to deal with the loneliness.
x. alcohol + tsukishima = bitter honesty.
He sets down his glass, angry and inebriated.
“I’m dead inside, Tadashi.”
If the smell wasn’t enough to convince him, the fact that Tsukki used his first name paints a clear sign that his friend is drunk. Though he doesn’t drink much- when he does things become quite interesting.
Honesty comes more naturally to him, in this state.
“Why, Tsukki?”
Tsukishima looks over, eyes glassy and cheeks flushed. “I miss her.”
“Maybe you should have hugged her when she left.”
Tsukishima gives a loud, bitter laugh. “We don’t do shit like that.”
“You’re just stubborn.” Yamaguchi laughs.
“S-shut...the fuck off.”
x. he’s not used to not seeing your smile.
The coffee tastes almost as bitter as he is.
A deep frown is carved on his fac
:iconcaeilius:caeilius 134 13
Mature content
Savior - Kyoutani Kentaoru x Reader :iconabsinthe-fae:Absinthe-Fae 88 10
Mature content
Can You Come In? I'm Freezing - Kyoutani x Reader :iconabsinthe-fae:Absinthe-Fae 72 5
Akaashi Keiji x Reader: Hands

Idk this can probably be a sequel to my other fanfic (Akaashi Keiji x Reader: Texts From A Stranger ) but it can be read without the first one too I guess? 
This is just smtg for those who would enjoy very cheesy fluff 

It started with conversations through your favourite app. 

"Would you consider our outing tomorrow as a date or just a hangout with a friend?"
"Well which once would you want me to consider this as?"
"...A date?" 
"It's a date then." --

Fast forward to a couple of weeks after the succesful date where the both of you never stopped talking to each other every day. 

"You know what? I really like you. Talking to you makes me happy and content." 
I really don't know what to say now
:iconms-chocolate-cookie:Ms-Chocolate-Cookie 25 2
Akaashi Keiji x Reader: Texts From A Stranger
Akaashi Keiji x Reader:
Texts From a Stranger 

Friday. It had been an extremely hectic day. You immediately collapsed onto the ground with the feeling of comfort of the cold, hard floor that eased the heat radiating from your body. It felt like there was something trapped inside your brain, attempting to kick its way out.  Your vision went blurry. The world was spinning around you. The pain was overwhelming. What a good timing for your mother to be away for a day.
Knowing that you had to do something about it, you desperately crawled your way to the kitchen to get some medicine to tie down the demon dancing in your head. You were out cold on the living room's floor right after you took swallowed the medicine without help from any fluids. 
8pm. You woke up from your not very comfortable slumber. Your arms were sore from sleeping on your back on a hard surface. You
:iconms-chocolate-cookie:Ms-Chocolate-Cookie 89 10



692 deviations
Not Good Enough
When you're drawing something but then you look at this and you just go "ITS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! REDRAW"
And then you make a new drawing instead ಥ‿ಥ


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