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Volleyball by mikukawaiihatsune Volleyball :iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 5 0 Cat pls by mikukawaiihatsune Cat pls :iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 0 0 Not Good Enough by mikukawaiihatsune Not Good Enough :iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 8 0 England and Sealand by mikukawaiihatsune England and Sealand :iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 8 0 Super Nuko Ni Naritai (I Want to be a Super Cat) by mikukawaiihatsune Super Nuko Ni Naritai (I Want to be a Super Cat) :iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 3 1 Chibi Kageyama Tobio by mikukawaiihatsune Chibi Kageyama Tobio :iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 12 3 Chibi Len Kagamine by mikukawaiihatsune Chibi Len Kagamine :iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 8 4 APH - Finland by mikukawaiihatsune APH - Finland :iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 8 0 Chibi Ene by mikukawaiihatsune Chibi Ene :iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 0 0 Sakura Chiyo by mikukawaiihatsune Sakura Chiyo :iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 2 0 I want a cat by mikukawaiihatsune I want a cat :iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 2 0 When you want to draw but lack ideas by mikukawaiihatsune When you want to draw but lack ideas :iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 8 6
Perfect Valentines Date - Kuroko x Reader [2/2]
~Valentines Day~
The awaited day is now here and you were most excited. Even though you weren’t able to get a reservation, Kuroko reassured you that he planned something special and better for today.
Springing up from the bed, you went and prepared yourself. Since Kuroko didn’t want to interrupt you getting ready, he headed out first.
Kuroko didn’t say anything yet to what he has planned, but he said he’ll just call you and tell you where you’ll be headed to.
After preparing yourself, you waited.
After sometime, it was almost time for the sun to set and in that moment, your phone began to ring. “Hello (first name), sorry for making you wait, but please go to the park close by here”, he vaguely told through the phone before hanging up. You stared at your phone in a confused way but just headed to the said park with your coat on.
As you were walking, you got amazed by the setting sun. In this park you can fully see the sun set since it
:iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 24 2
Perfect Valentines Date - Kuroko x Reader [1/2]
Your hums were heard throughout the room as your head was bobbing to the music you were listening to via your earphones. Turning pages on a magazine catalog. Today’s magazine theme is all about: Valentines, of course you’ll be interested in such a topic since it gives you wonderful ideas for a date with your lovely boyfriend. And right now you were staying at the room you and your lover’s room inside the apartment you both share.
Then, something caught your interest, raising a brow. You jolted up from the bed you were lying on, alarming your boyfriend who was studying. You quickly showed him your magazine which read “The Perfect Restaurant for a Valentines Date” on it with pictures of a very fancy looking interior of a restaurant. “Let’s go here! Please!?”, you asked in plea. Your boyfriend looked at it more closely but then continued with his studies.
“Aw come on Tetsu~ Pretty please with cherry on top?”, you gave him
:iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 23 0
Midnight Celebrations - Kuroko Tetsuya x Reader
The expressionless male walked silently home. Loneliness filled him, but he successfully hid it. Usually you, his girlfriend would be hand-in-hand with him, sharing occasional pecks on the cheeks as you both make your way to your house and kiss each other goodbye. But unfortunately, you declined his offer since she was busy, but reassured the boy that she’ll surely make it up to him the next day.
It’s not a mystery to Kuroko that his very own birthday was tomorrow so he thought that maybe you just needed to buy a last minute gift for him or something. He didn't mind nonetheless of what you give to him, he’ll love it with all his heart like how he treats you.
Finally reaching his home, he sighed . He missed the way your warm hand would complete the emptiness of his hand.
His hand made it’s way to turn the doorknob. ‘No one’s home’ he thought, he knew his parents were out at the moment. They were too busy to even spend time with their son who
:iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 49 3
Hot Cocoa - Haruka Nanase x Reader
You sighed in satisfaction. Your mug filled with hot cocoa made a thumping sound after you placed it on the table before you.
At the moment, you were inside your boyfriend’s house for studying and doing homework. He invited you for a study session and served you his delicious hot cocoa.
“This tastes really amazing!”, you complimented the drink, smiling widely at Haruka. “I love how it’s melted so well, I really love having Haru’s hot cocoa” continuing your admiration to both him and his skills with handling the drink.
The stoic boy knew how much you adore hot cocoa so he made you one while he just drank water instead. When he heard you humming in satisfaction, his lips curved upward unnoticeably at how cutely you acted when you’re cheerful.
He kept his focus on the homework he was working on while you kept on telling him about your love for the drink he made. “Man I wish I can make something as good at this” you commented. You
:iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 78 3


Wonderful Wonderland (Mad Hatter x Reader)

*(Y/N)'s P.O.V*
I felt nothing but regret. Regret for caring about Alice. Regret for following her down that God forsaken rabbit hole, I wish never met that door, I wish I never met those flowers. That caterpillar, I wish I never met that stupid rabbit, I wish I never met him. I wish I never met the Hatter, I wish I never heard that insane cackle of his, I wish I never saw the coldness in his eyes.
The two of them, this whole place. It was horrible, and yet they call it Wonderland, this place is far from perfect, it's far from a dream land. This place, was a close to hell as you could get. It was hard down here, everyone was against me simply because I'm not Alice, that simple fact and no one here will ever help. Just because who I am the entire fantasy world was out to get me.
All except one. Mad Hatter, he sits there and watches, he hides me, he hurts me, he heals me. He's the worst and the best thing that's ever happened to me. I held a ha
:iconjazz-demo:Jazz-demo 265 55
More Tea? [Mad Hatter x Reader]
You had always know you weren't really like everyone else, as you're imagination reached beyond everyone else's. But that didn't mean you had ever expected yourself to fall down a rabbit hole and end up in a whole new world. A world, where madness was considered normal.
But in all honestly, you felt at home there. Even more than at your house where you lived with your father. The madness in this “Wonderland” was so welcoming, it's atmosphere just right for your wild imagination. It was like ending up in the story of a fantasy book.
But you weren't the only one there. Everything from a wise caterpillar to an evil red queen lived within the walls of the rabbit hole. But the most interesting of them all, was one man. This man was famous for his madness, a madness that was even extreme in this world.
And he was called, The Mad Hatter.
Yes, Hatter. He was a very skilled hat maker, since making those special head wear was his passion. From the first moment you had seen him, he ha
:iconnixdex:nixdex 161 22
gentleman : edward midford
"Ciel, how many times do I have to tell you not to touch Elizabeth?!"
[Name] sighed at her fiancée, taking her cup of tea before pressing it onto her lips. She took a sip and smiled softly at the pleasant flavor. Sebastian's tea was as perfect as always.
The young lady was actually supposed to be staying over the Midford's estate for the weekend, but that changed when Elizabeth decided she wanted to go visit her precious Phantomhive.  
What does Elizabeth have to do with it? When Edward found it he went into his over-protective brother mode and demanded to go with her. [Name] was dragged along since Edward didn't want her to be alone.
"Edward, please act like a gentleman and lower your voice." [Name] scolded, taking another sip of tea.
"[Name]! How can you be on his side!? I am the man that will one day be your husband!" Edward shouted once more.
"That has nothing to do with the fact you are being too loud." [Name] replied, nonchalantly.
Edward  snapped his head back tow
:iconshitsuji-san:shitsuji-san 222 14
:: GULA :: Charles Grey x Reader
gula ; latin for gluttony.
"Ah, I'm so hungry! [Name], get me something, will you?"
"Must you eat all the time? You just ate an hour ago!" the girl said, raising her voice. It still surprised her at how this man could consume any food with a blink of an eye. He kept eating, eating, and eating, it made her sick to the stomach. Just watching him eat made her stomach churn in disgust. "If you want food, then go get some yourself."
"That's a lot of work," Charles complained. "that's why I'm asking you, silly!"
The nerve..!
"I'm not," [Name] began, walking towards him and sticking her sword in front of his face. "your maid."
"Course, you aren't." he mumbled, removing the sword away from his face. "Must you always stick your sword in front of me? You know, one day you might end up slicing my face in half! And it will be all your fault, [Name]."
"Oh, please. I would have done that if you weren't the Queen's butler."
"Still cruel as ever, I s
:iconshoujodere:shoujodere 106 17
The Princess: Scared {Charles Grey x Reader}
The castle during the day was just a pretty building, an extremely big one, but building still.
During the night though, the big – pretty during the day – halls and deadly silence were something that scared Princess [Name] more than anything.
She was supposed to go to sleep early, not long after the sun set, but since she fell asleep with much difficulty she had to stay – alone – in her dark big room for more than an hour.
And sometimes she wouldn’t fall asleep even after that one hour because she was too afraid.
One night, she was too afraid to even stay in her bed that much, so she went to the one and only person she trusted and loved.
Her mother’s butler and Private Secretarial Officer, Earl Charles Grey.
Even though her room was quite far from his, and she didn’t like wondering in the dark corridors, she did want to get to Grey though.
So she walked quickly through the silent – creepy – halls and straight to Charles’ door,
:iconreinachan22:ReinaChan22 90 15
Not Her: Dagger x Reader [Story: Ch. 1]
"Oh, a circus! It sounds like fun, it does!" Mey-Rin said, clapping her hands together.
"Yeah, it's nice to finally get a break." Bard commented.
"I can't wait to see all the acts!" Finny exclaimed, with his usual optimism.
You silently chuckled to yourself as you listened to the others excited comments. Though you were just as happy as they are. It's not often Ciel takes a break from his work, and even less often that he takes his servants with him. As Bard said, it's nice to get a break.
Lizzie had been the one to tell Ciel about the circus. Her and her family were going and wanted him to go as well. Well, Edward probably didn't care much for the idea. But, being the "all-work-and-no-play" boy he is, he refused her offer. Lizzie's father had already bought the extra ticket for him though, and even one for Sebastian, so he went on and accepted. Ciel received a letter in the mail yesterday informing him that Lizzie and Edward had both become ill, so they gave their tickets to him. That
:iconjasdero-devit-lurve:Jasdero-Devit-Lurve 51 1
Not Her: Dagger x Reader [Oneshot]
"So I hold it like this?" You asked, looking over your shoulder at Dagger.
"Loosen your grip some. If you hold it too tight, it won't go as far." He said, fiddling with your fingers to loosen them up a bit.
Noah's Ark Circus was back in London and Ciel let you take off work to come see them. Whenever they were in London, or a close enough distance you could travel, you would come to help with backstage stuff. Joker was always grateful for the extra set of hands and keeps offering to pay you, though you kindly refuse. It was payment enough just to come here and see everyone. They were always so much fun to be around. Especially Dagger.
You slightly blushed at the contact with Dagger, but let him move your fingers. Joker didn't have anything for you to do right now, so Dagger was teaching you the basics of his knife throwing act. He grabbed your elbow, bending it at the right angle then moved your wrist back some.
"Now, when you toss it, flick your wrist forward at the same time you move
:iconjasdero-devit-lurve:Jasdero-Devit-Lurve 108 12
The Impossible (Sebastian x Reader)
    It was done. After all those years, your mission has finally been fulfilled. You looked at the dead body in front of you. Blood covered your clothes, blood that was not your own. After all the harm this person caused to both you and your family, everything was done. You knew that this day would come. You just never imagined how or when. 
    "We should go now young mistress." A velvet voice said. You didn't have to look up to know who it was. It was the very person who saved you all those years ago. The one who helped you get this far. Your butler. Your contractor. Your demon. Your first love. Sebastian Michaelis.
    Yes, Sebastian had saved you five years ago. If it were not for him you would have met your demise. Back then when you still had your cheerful and uplifting personality you had lived with your parents and older brother in your grand manor. Your life that of a fairy tale. However, you were foolish to believe that fairy tales always ha
:iconglowing-luna:Glowing-Luna 233 26
Phone calls Haruka Nanase x Sick!Reader
            You sighed as you leaned back in bed. You might be crazy. Honestly, insane was  a better word for it. Groaning you fling the thermometer you had just pulled out of your mouth in the general direction of your desk. When you had told your parents earlier, they reprimanded you. Most people, they said, had the good sense not to get sick on a test day. Most people wore more then just a bathing suit outside in a rainstorm. In fact, most people tried to avoid going outside in a rainstorm period.
           But most people weren't Haruka Nanase.
          No, only someone as crazy and idiotic and water obsessed as Haruka would agree to prancing outside in the pouring rain in only a bathing suit for fun.
          Maybe thats why you got along so well. Maybe thats why he had asked you out.
         Yeah, you had been friends for as long
:iconfuwafuwaberry:fuwafuwaBerry 55 5
Sleepless // Akaashi Keiji
In the ungodly hours of the morning, you at times found it difficult to sleep. You’d think of one thing, which would lead to another thing, which would lead to you being bombarded by a throng of unpleasant thoughts until you despaired.
What were you going to do after high school? It was your third year. You and most people you knew were eighteen years old now, you didn’t have much time left until you were considered adults.
Were you going to be successful? Were you going to be homeless? Would you lead an average life filled with average people and average work with average pay and be on your deathbed looking back on a life that had nothing worth remembering?
You were scared. Scared of the unknown, scared of being independent, scared of losing everything because you didn’t know how to function as a person. Everything you knew, you were taught. You always had someone there to support you and give you advice and lead you in the right direction – but what if such a
:iconwhat-the-honk:what-the-honk 230 34
Used To Be (Keiji Akaashi)
“Yukie!” I called out to my friend as the moment I saw her. With the two of us going to different schools and her being the manager for her school's volleyball club, we didn't get to hang out very often. Today just happened to be one of those moments when had a chance.
“Hey!” She waved back to me before motioning for me to come over. “You're early.”
Today we'd planned to check out this new little cafe that I'd discovered about a month ago. “We got out early today, so I figured I'd come and wait for you.”
As I waited for her practice to be over with, I found myself getting lost in my thoughts. Which that turned out to be a terrible idea considering all the balls flying around.
“Watch out!” The voice of an owl-haired guy shouted over at me, making me snap out of my daydreaming just in time to throw my arms up to block the volleyball from colliding with my face. Owl-hair quickly apologized as one of his approached him, chiding hi
:iconwizzygamemaster:WizzyGameMaster 52 18
You're Annoying (Kei Tsukishima)
The moment those words had left his mouth, my heart sank. After I'd tried so hard to be friends with Tsukishima, it had been proven to be just one big waste of time. I'd never felt more pathetic in my life.
Three weeks passed by and I hadn't dared to say even a single word to him since that moment. I hadn't even done so much as look at him. But that didn't keep him off my mind. Even now, his voice and his face haunted my thoughts.
Stupid Tsukishima.... I held my blanket tightly around me as I curled up on the couch. It was mostly just to help comfort myself, since the weather was actually quite warm. Early summer, actually. But my depressed mood made me feel like it was the middle of winter.
Maybe I was the stupid one, whining over how I'd failed so horribly to be friends with someone who was such a jerk.
Having no school today, I intended to sit here and watch a bunch of movies to keep myself distracted. Normally I'd have watched some sappy romance movies, but what I wanted was
:iconwizzygamemaster:WizzyGameMaster 82 6
Hold Me | Iwaizumi Hajime
There were very few things about the Halloween season that you disliked. The changing leaves, the crisp, Fall weather; even the longer nights were a joy to you, as there was nothing you loved more than to be snuggled up in a warm blanket and sweatpants. Decorations, costume shops and grocery stores stocked with candy gave you a nostalgic excitement and brought you back to your younger days when all you had to worry about was who, or what costumes you would wear.
One of the things you liked to do to kick off the month of October was delve into horror. Scary movies, jump scare compilations, horror game play-throughs, and endless hours of Youtube videos on monsters and urban legends. October first, and you were neck deep in these rituals.
Sometimes, you over did it.
And this was your first year living alone. That was your first mistake.
It wasn't hard to scare you, but often you could replace the images in your mind with a funny video or two and be off to sleep. This time, you had dug too
:iconmikittykun:Mikittykun 158 39
Clam Shells|Iwaizumi Hajime x Reader|
        “Who was it?”
      Three pairs of eyes look up to see Iwaizumi absolutely glaring at them. Those same pairs of eyes immediately find something else to focus on as Iwaizumi let out a barely controlled exhale of air.
      “I said, who was it?”
      Everyone swore they could hear Iwaizumi grind his teeth, anger slowly and surely eating him up. Oikawa, Hanamaki and Matsukawa were sure they were going to die. Today was the day. There was no doubt about it. But maybe, they each thought as they all looked at each other, just maybe they could somehow escape this? Maybe one of them could survive?  Frantic eyes searched one another for any opening they could, all while sensing that Iwaizumi was slowly getting to his exploding point.
      Matsukawa glanced to the boy next to him and saw him slowly inching off the couch. Time seemed to slow down. He couldn’t be seri
:iconchanson-de-sirene:Chanson-de-sirene 171 38
Ego Overloaded- Oikawa x Reader
There are a few times when you really want to strangle your so-called boyfriend, Oikawa Tōru. But of course, he takes the task of making you mad to a whole new level.
"Oh no! Tell me he did NOT say that!!!" your eyes widen in shock.
"He did. When everyone asked who gave in first, he said 'Of course, [Your First Name]-chan. She asked me out first.' That's all." Iwaizumi shrugs.
You actually never planned to go out with the handsome and somewhat cocky volleyball player, Oikawa. In fact, you kept repelling his charm for three years. You thought he would've forgotten all about you. But oh no, on the first day of your highschool it was none other than Oikawa who welcomed you to Aoba Johsai. You finally agreed to date him on the condition that he will keep his whale-sized ego in his pocket when he's around you.
Of course he is sweet and caring. That's why he thinks that he can get away with a murder too.
"That bastard has some nerves! Does he think I'm like one of his fangirls?" You huf
:iconkiarraop11:KiarraOp11 79 12
Cancel The Make-Out - Kuroko Tetsuya x Reader
Warm. You snuggle against that warmth without even caring to open your eyes. His familiar scent make you feel home and safe.
"Good morning, [Your name]-chan." Kuroko whispers in your ear.
"Morning." you place a light kiss on his lips.
"Woah! Gomen! Gomen! I didn't see anything, I swear!" Kagami covers his eyes in hurry.
That's when you realize where you were. Last night, Kuroko and his friends planned a surprise party for you. Well... more like Riko and rest of the seniors planned it to ruin Kuroko and your alone time. Koga-senpai still thinks it's unfair that Kuroko has got a girlfriend before him. While Kagami thought it was absurd to hold a party in his house.
"But you have the biggest house out of us all." Hyūga-senpai stated.
"So what?" the power-forward was not buying it.
"How about increasing your workout by five times, Kagami?" Riko smiled.
"Hey, Kuroko! What is the favorite flavor [Your name]-san like for cake?" Kagami instantly started calling Himuro for help.
It seems l
:iconkiarraop11:KiarraOp11 86 8



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